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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 1 - The Story Begins

The day breaks and the sun's first rays hit my face and I’m all thrilled! It’s a brand new day! And I have this incredible urge to go outside. I run as fast as I can and jump up on the bed, even though I’m forbidden to jump on beds, to wake up Lilo. Bad breath doesn't bother me; I lick her face trying to wake her up...
Yep, you guessed it, I'm a dog... Not just any dog, I’m a mongrel. Lilo picked me up from the street in front of her house when I was just a puppy... frankly speaking, I don't remember much about those days. Ever since Lilo found me, things have been good.
Lilo turned her face away, but I wasn’t known as the drool king in the neighborhood for no reason, I kept at it until Lilo put her hands up in surrender. Victory was mine once again.
I ran to get my leash, not that I needed it, but Lilo refused to take me out without it. Come on lady! I’m 3 years old; I don’t need a leash to cramp my style.
Lilo put the leash around my neck and off we went. Calm, composed, well behaved... I really did not need a leash...
The day was beautiful, birds were singing, flowers were blossoming, cats were lazing, butterflies were... wait a minute... did I just see a cat? In my neighborhood?? The cat had some nerve! Showing up in my backyard. I tugged at my leash and I could hear Lilo with the familiar “No Brownie!! Stop!! Leave the kitty alone.”
Let me interrupt here and tell you that I’m an all white mongrel except for a brown patch on my left eye. The ladies seem to think it makes me look like a pirate. Pirates mysterious, dangerous, exciting... Yeah, I could live with that.
So, getting back to my story. There I was, faced suddenly with my mortal enemy, the only thing that came to my head was chasing it. I took off. I could feel Lilo resisting by pulling on the leash but I think she finally realized what a noble cause she was hampering because suddenly the leash went loose. Great, I thought, Lilo was running behind me. Together! We could bring down the enemy. The cat on seeing me, rightfully tried to escape. And went straight up a tree. Why god why! Why would god offer such animals protection?
But I wasn’t going to give in. I was prepared to sit under the tree for as long as it took for the cat to come down. Besides I had Lilo who supported me. I turned around, wagging my tail, anticipating the look of pride on Lilo’s face.
Wait, where was Lilo? I turned left, I turned right. Somewhere far away, I could see someone getting up from the sidewalk. That wasn’t Lilo right? She was right behind me, chasing the evil “kitty”. I looked down, and saw the severed end of my leash. Uh oh... This wasn’t going to be a pleasant sight. This was the fourth one this month. I had to decide, everlasting glory by capturing the enemy or my next meal. The choice was obvious.
I ditched all plans of capturing the cat and bounded towards Lilo, with my tail between my legs, making the saddest face possible. I know Lilo can’t resist that look on my face, but oh boy, she looked mad.
“Brownie! Not again!”Lilo exclaimed. “Are you hurt?” She pulled me close and started examining me. This was my cue. I wagged my tail and jumped around her and Lilo was happy in a jiffy. Humans are so simple. All they need is a little love to make them happy. Most of the times they run around insignificant stuff to try and simplify their lives, but if you ask me, it mostly ends up complicating it a lot.
If it were up to me, I would make it mandatory for humans to have a dog.
The cat forgotten, we headed back. Lilo’s hair didn’t look too good, probably had something to do with her fall.
The day had started off as usual


  1. I always had this fascination for seeing the world from a Dog's perspective....Am too happy to read 'A Dog's world'.
    Ur writing style is simple yet captivating.
    Great going Aditi. Keep up the good work.

  2. "Mandatory for Humans to have a dog" - Love tat, Aditi!!!!!