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New to my Blog??

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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Reunion - Something In The Mailbox

I was having a good, productive day. I had shopped, eaten some good food and even bought myself some groceries. I was almost the perfect single adult. I didn't venture beyond the "almost", because my groceries consisted of ready to eat things,potato chips and fizzy drinks.
I struggled with the gazillion bags I had as I entered my building. I passed a customary glance over my letterbox. It was a habit, not that I ever got any letters or mail.
I almost walked by it, assuming it would be empty.
But today, there it was, a stark white envelope looking quite alien in my usually abandoned letterbox.
Surprised, I walked towards it and dropped my bags on the floor.
I couldn’t help but feel excited. After all, who doesn’t like receiving letters?
Who could it be!? my mind was working overtime as I tried to pull the letter out.

I hadn’t received a letter for ages. Even my bills were sent online. Most probably a marketing gimmick, I thought.
Once out, I examined the writing on the envelope. The handwriting looked unfamiliar, no address at the back. Who uses postal mail anymore, I asked myself.

 I tucked it under my arm, picked up my bags and started climbing the five floors that led to my apartment. I was just about to open the lock when my phone started ringing loudly..
Where was it! I struggled through my oversized bag to get to it.
“Hello?” I said, half out of breath.
“Please tell me we’re going.” When you were friends for as long as I was with Anjali, you didn’t need to exchange pleasantries on the phone.
“Go where?” I balanced the phone between my ear and my shoulder and hauled the bags inside.
“Oooooh..” Anjali exclaimed, “You don’t know yet.” She tried to suppress a giggle, “So, call me, when you get to know.”
“Get to know what?” Sometimes, she exasperated me.
“You’ll know what I’m talking about.. Call me.” With an abrupt click, she was gone. I let it be. There was no point trying to ask her anything she didn’t want to tell. I dumped all my bags on one side, and focused all my attention on the envelope. I opened it carefully from the sides and pulled out the letter inside.

It  read,
Dear Ramya,
Its been ten years since we’ve all left school to make our mark in this world.
Lets reunite on the 28th Of September in school and celebrate our wonderful years together.

Hope to see you there.
Sandhya – Head Girl, Batch of 2000

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