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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 2 - The Morning Walk

I was already up, but I was waiting for Brownie. I don’t feel like getting up till Brownie comes and wakes me up. I didn’t have to wait long. There he was, dependable as always.
This is the best part of my day. I didn’t even mind the bad doggie breath, though it wouldn’t kill me to brush his teeth more often. I got up, ruffling Brownie’s coat.”Good doggie,” I said. It always amazed me that two little words could make my Brownie so happy. Brownie went into a little spin around me and wagged his tail real hard. I have always thought that some day, when Brownie gets over excited, his tail will go out of control and propel him out of this planet.
Before I could brush my teeth, Brownie was back with his leash in his mouth. Finally! After months of training, he realized that I‘m not taking him anywhere without a leash. He’s unpredictable as hell and sometimes people misunderstand his friendly nature. Maybe that’s because he’s considerably large. And that his teeth are white and pointy and that he has very loud bark. Anyway, it’s a good thing that he looks ferocious. That offers me some protection in my neighborhood. Kids maintain their distance, which is so great. Salesmen think twice before knocking on my door. If only they knew, that the worst Brownie could do was probably slobber all over them.
We set off. It was a great day; the fresh air was working better than caffeine had ever. This was just perfect. I suddenly felt a slight tug on the leash. I looked around and saw nothing. I wondered what was what was wrong with Brownie. There was nothing unusual around. Then Brownie started running and I saw what had excited him. A poor little kitty. “Noooo Brownie… Leave the kitty alone!!!” I debated for a second whether to try and save the cat or save my arm from being ripped out of my shoulder socket. Turns out, I didn’t have to; within a few seconds I was flat on the sidewalk with some part of the leash still in my hand. Lucky me, it had rained and I had somehow managed to fall into the puddle on the sidewalk.
That dog is going to get it from me. How many leashes should I buy! (I never thought of buying a metal one. I somehow think it will be too painful for Brownie.) Is it too much to ask to wake up, take your dog for a walk and not smell the sidewalk??
I groaned and tried to get up. I could see Brownie hurling at me. Fortunately, I couldn’t see the cat or any signs of a fight. Phew! Taking Brownie to the vet was another ordeal and I was glad that at least I was spared from having to do that.
“Brownie! Not again!” I held the two ends of the leash and lamely tried to tie them up. I looked at Brownie as I tried to tie up the leash. God, he really looked guilty. Could it be? Was my dog feeling bad about the way he behaved? Hope engulfed me as I pulled Brownie closer to examine him. “Are you hurt?” I asked Brownie. Suddenly the guilt changed to happiness and he started jumping around me and licking my face. I realized what a gullible owner I was, taken in by the sad adorable little face. I tried to show I was angry, but who can stay mad at someone whose whole world revolves around you. I chuckled, patted the mud and slush off me and started walking back.
The day had started off as usual.

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