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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Reunion - 3 - The Presents

Bristling with excitement, I collapsed on the couch with my feet hanging down. I flipped through the warnings I had scrawled in my terrible terrible  handwriting.
“Private Property of Ramya, Do NOT read, if I haven’t handed this diary over to you. Trespassers will be prosecuted. ”
I laughed as I remembered the many many people I had passed my diary to quite voluntarily.
I touched the page gently as I reached the first entry.

8th September 2000
Dear Diary,
Is this what I’m expected to write? Mum and dad got me this lousy diary for my 15th Birthday. And very clever of them, they haven’t picked out, one with a lock. As if I’m ever going to write anything personal in this. The only reason I’m writing right now is because they both are standing in front of me with this expectant look in front of me. There, now I’ve scribbled something. Now all I have to do, is pretend that I looooove this gift and get ready for the fabulous birthday party I’m throwing.
Won’t be seeing you again. (Hopefully)
Okay.. So, I’m back. This has been the worst birthday ever! Mum and dad just told me that we are shifting to another city. Seems like dad got a much better job and he needs to move immediately. And I have to move with him IMMEDIATELY! We are leaving in a week. What about me? Why am I expected to move and leave all my friends? I love my life here! That’s it, I have decided, I’m not going to move. Oh shucks! I’m late for my own birthday party.  
And remember, this is my last entry.

 9th September 2000
I’m writing, because mom asked why I’m not writing in my new diary. Don’t get any ideas, this is not going to be a regular affair.
So, my birthday party was a blast. I told my friends I might be leaving and surprise surprise, they were all so excited to hear about it! I’m starting to think maybe moving is a good idea. Well, for starters, we are moving to bigger city, a metropolitan city really. Wow, I never thought of it that way. All the new stores, new places to eat. Awesome!!
I’m going to miss all of them so much. I wonder how the new kids will be. City kids, must be brash, rude, obnoxious, manner-less. Mum and Dad are putting me in one of the best schools there. They are already making enquiries. I really don’t want to leave my school. I have been here forever. Maybe I can convince mum to stay here with me till I finish school, its worth a shot right?
Ohhh, almost forgot, Dad got a lock for this diary. Did they read my previous entry? Either way, doesn’t make a difference.

11th September 2000
Last day in school. Very very upset. I’m going to miss every little brick of that place.
Got my shirt signed by all my friends. I’m going to get it framed and save it forever. And I’ll never ever ever forget these friends. They mean the world to me. today I realized, that new stores, new places to eat, bigger city doesn’t mean a thing if I don’t have them around.
Mum was trying to console me, she said I’ll find more friends in my new school. I might, but they’ll never be like these ones. Doesn’t she know how difficult it is to be a teenager? God! I’ll be the new girl all over again! All the unknown faces, all the strange glances. They’ll probably laugh at my accent too. How will I survive there!!!
I’ve to start packing up now, most probably I’ll leave this diary here.
I am not the kinds who can regularly maintain a dairy. What’s the point of lugging it around.

As I read, I felt bad for me, the fifteen year old me. It had been tough for me to move out and be accepted elsewhere. Moving out had meant letting go of everything that was known, familiar and comfortable.
I flipped to the next page. There was only one word on it.

12th September 2000

The Reunion - 2

 I held the invite in my hand with a puzzled expression on my face. This was the last thing I had expected. I walked into my room and rummaged around some drawers that I hadn’t opened in ages. Once upon a time, the contents of this treasure chest were my most prized possessions. I coughed a little as the dust, which had gathered on it was disturbed.
I called Anjali.
“Wow, unexpected huh?” I said, before she could say hello.
“You got it then? What do you think?” She giggled.
“What! I’m not going, no way!” I opened the box and poured its content on my carpeted floor.
“Why not!” Anjali questioned.
“Because,” I tried to think of a good enough reason, “I’m already in touch with people I want to be in touch with.”
“Oh really,” Anjali’s voice was laced with sarcasm, “Name one person.” Then after a moment’s pause, “Apart from me.”
I laughed, “Well, you should be flattered. You’re the only one I want to be in touch with. I don’t want to meet all these people. They won’t even remember me.”
“Oh, who cares! Anyway, I got to go now. Promise me, you’ll think about it.”  She cajoled.
“Bye Anjali.” I wasn’t going to promise her anything.
“Uff!! Okay bye..”
Before I could hang up, I heard her talk again, “At least check who all have registered. Maybe you’ll change your mind then?” She asked hopefully.
I thought about it for a moment, it seemed like a harmless request, “Okay, I’ll do that. Are you happy now?”
“Very.. I’ll see you around..” I rolled my eyes as I hung up. Anjali got excited about everything. This was no different.
She was the kind of person, everyone wanted to be around. Somehow, even in a crowd, she could make you feel special. So many times, she would invite me for parties with her other friends.
When I’d reach there, I’d see her in the middle of a big group, the centre of attention. I used to try slinking into the corner, but Anjali would never allow that. She always made a big fuss about my arrival, involved me in her discussion, just, made me feel accepted, even in a strange crowd.

My attention drifted to a stack of pictures scattered on the carpet. I started putting it back, when I saw found my class photos. I almost laughed out aloud when I saw myself in that picture.
What was that on my head, a hair band? It was  broad enough to cover my entire forehead. And Anjali? I spotted her quickly, she looked exactly like a boy with her short hair. I ran a glance over my other classmates, wondering, for a moment, how they’d all look now.
Then I shook my head, I couldn’t go to this reunion. I was far too busy. As I cleared up the mess I had made, I found something else. My face broke into a wide smile and I knew then, how I was going to spend the rest of my afternoon.
I had found my old diaries.