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Friday, June 11, 2010

Whodunit - Chapter 10 - Back at the morgue

Contrary to what Supriya had told Prerna, there were three women waiting for us at the morgue.
I could only assume that they were the women in Rajat Sinha’s life.
Mrs. Sinha smiled as she recognized me. Her demeanor had changed completely. Her eyes were red and swollen as though she had cried before coming. I raised my brow questioningly as she approached me.
“Appearances.” She whispered as she stepped closer.
“Inspector! My husband! You said I could come here and claim the body. Why are these women here?” She cried playing her part perfectly.
Smruti Sharma, who I recognized from the pictures in the report, came forward. She too had tears in her eyes, but I couldn’t tell whether they were genuine or fake. “Rajat and I were planning to get married! Please, please tell me he is not dead!!”
Both women were looking at me to take a decision. I turned towards Prerna for help. She shook her head. This is not my problem, she indicated by raising her palms.

I turned towards the bickering women, “Please. Calm down.” That only seemed to get them more agitated. My voice drowned as the women turned towards each other, each asking the other to leave. Strangely, the third woman did not involve herself. She had covered her mouth with her hand. She was trying not to laugh!
I dragged my eyes away from the third woman and focused on the other two. After watching me struggle for a while, Prerna stepped in. She physically separated both of them and said, “Only the legal wife of Mr. Rajat Sinha has claim over his body. Miss..?” She turned towards Smruti.
“Smruti.” Mrs. Sinha provided spitefully.
“Miss Smruti, I’m afraid, you have to leave now.”
Smruti turned to me for support, I looked away. There was nothing I could do for her.
“But he hated her! I’m sure she murdered him!” I called some deputies to escort her out. She shrugged their hands off her shoulders. “Fine! I’ll leave,” she turned towards me, “You come see me later on and I will tell you why she murdered him!”
She walked out of the room, her head held high
. Prerna turned towards the third woman, “And you are?”
“I’m Rajat’s ex-wife, Krupa Mitwe. We got divorced a year back when he married..” Her voice trailed off and her eyes rested on Mrs. Sinha.
“I’m sorry Krupa,” Prerna said gently. I was sure she hadn’t seen Krupa laughing. “But you too, have no claim over the body.”
Krupa laughed, “You misunderstand me. I didn’t come here for the body!” She seemed to find it extremely funny that anyone would think that.
Prerna stared at her, surprised. “Oh. Then you are here for?”
Krupa smiled, “I came to make sure he’s really dead.”


  1. errrrr... from the knife stabs and the angle made by the knife on them , u could give a hint on the height of the killer..

    Really good stuff :)

  2. not necessarily if the person was unconscious and on the floor already.. :P