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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whodunit - Chapter 12 - Handling the media

I swore under my breath! Media invariably ends up poking its nose into an ongoing investigation. In my experience, severe media criticism had forced the police department to get results but I had my doubts about how accurate the results were. Under pressure to deliver even the best of cops overlook clues. I was not going to let that happen to me.
I stepped outside and found Krupa Mitwe talking to the reporters. I guess I knew now, who Krupa Mitwe was calling as she was walking out of the morgue room.
She was telling the reporters what a great misfortune it was that a great man like Rajat Mitra  Sinha had been brutally murdered. She turned around and smiled at me.
“And that’s the inspector who’s investigating Rajat’s death.”
The reporters turned to me with all their questions.
I raised my hands to silence the horde of journalists, “The investigation is on. We will issue a statement only after we have something substantial to report.”
Prerna and Supriya stood behind me watching the press with awe. It was going to be their first high profile case.

I had just stepped back inside, leaving Krupa to handle the reporters when Shammi called.
“Chetan, things are getting complicated.” He sounded excited.
“What do you mean?”
“The person who made the call about the stench? I tracked him down.”
“That’s great! Anything new he can tell us?” I wasn’t expecting anything much from him, but maybe, just maybe he had seen something.
“Yes," He paused, "Are you ready for this?" He asked.
"What is it Shammi?" He had piqued my curiosity now.
"He saw Mrs. Sinha’s car near the church around 10 days before he reported the smell.”
I stopped dead in my tracks.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes! He described a black color Scorpio with blue seating, just like Mrs. Sinha’s car.”
“That’s great! Bring him in; I have a few questions for him.” My mind was thinking furiously, now we had a witness who could place Mrs. Sinha in the area where we found her husband’s body.
“Chetan, that’s not it. He identified the person who was driving the car!”

I could barely contain myself.“Who?” I asked softly.

“Rajat Sinha.”

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