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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Whodunit - Chapter 16 - The Anonymous Caller

I shook my head. Things were not looking good for Smruti. After the blood soaked t-shirt we found the wallet, also under the bed.
“I don’t know how..” Smruti pleaded with us.
Prerna pulled out her phone and called her team “On the double!” she ordered over the phone.
“What does this mean for me?” Smruti was visibly scared now.
“What did you do after your dinner with Rajat Sinha?” I was praying she had a rock solid alibi.
“I came home and slept.” I sighed.
“It’s time you get yourself a lawyer.” I wanted to help her. I knew someone was setting her up. She didn’t seem like a fool. She could have easily disposed off Rajat’s things in the ten days period. Someone, on the other hand, had saved it. For this very purpose.
“Oh my god!” She covered her mouth with her hand.
“Is there anyone who might want to hurt you? Financially or otherwise?” I already knew the answer.
I nodded. We would have to do a thorough check of Mrs. Sinha’s whereabouts that night.

Prerna’s team arrived and took over. Smruti, was extremely cooperative and signed all the documents that would permit us to search through her house.
“The key is still missing.” I suddenly remembered. “Its better you stay somewhere safer tonight.”
Smruti nodded and rushed to the phone.

“You really think the killer will come back?” Shammi asked me.
“No, but who knows. As long as the key is with him, she’s in potential danger.”

There was nothing more for us to do there. Shammi and I decided to meet the guy who had called about the stench. He was a college student who was very very reluctant to talk to us.
I was not surprised. He reeked of alcohol and substance. He seemed to be sober though. He grimaced when he saw Shammi.
“Oh man! I already told you everything!” he started walking away.
“Not quite, I have a few questions, uh..” I looked at Shammi.
“Jagdish..” Shammi helped out.
Jagdish didn’t bother. He kept walking, “I don’t have to talk to you, I know my rights.”
I sighed. “Then I’ll have to arrest you and ask you questions.” I called out after him.
That stopped him. “Oh yeah, arrest me for what?” He turned around, and started walking towards me meaningfully.
“Peddling drugs.” I said calmly. His eyes shifted towards his bag.
“That’s right, I know what’s in your bag. Now we can do this my way, and get over with the questioning or we can wait till Shammi gets an arrest warrant for you and question you at the station. What would you prefer?”
All steam went out of him. His shoulders slumped. I had dealt with drug users before.
“Make it quick.” Jagdish was trying salvage his pride. He put his arm around his bag protectively. I didn’t care. That was someone else’s problem.
“You got to the church often?”
“Yep.” Jagdish pulled out a cigarette. I frowned. Jagdish gulped and put it back inside.
“What were you doing there? The night you reported the stench?” Jagdish smiled and pointed at the bag.
“And when did you see the Scorpio?”
“Look, I don’t know.. a week ago, two weeks ago, who keeps track of these things?” He answered casually.
“This is important Jagdish.” I said seriously. He thought for a while. “I think it was last Thursday. Yep.. it was.. I remember because I had a exam the next day, so I left early.”
I calculated mentally. Exactly ten days ago.
“And you’re confident that Rajat Sinha was driving?”
“Who??” I looked at Shammi.. he shook his head and took out a picture of Rajat Sinha and showed it to Jagdish. He barely glanced at the photo.
“Yep. That’s him.”
“How can you be so sure?” I pushed the photo in his face to make him take a second glance.
“Because! He was too old to be there! I thought he’s someone’s father busting in on them!”

Dhruv or Aarti.

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