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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whodunit - Chapter 21 - The Will

Before I could say or do anything, the doors opened. Mrs. Sinha walked out in a huff, with her lawyer trailing behind her.
“We’ll see you in court!” she screamed as she stormed past me.
Obviously the will hadn’t pleased her.

Smruti came out next looking bewildered.
 “When did he change it? He told me he was planning to.. but I didn’t know he had already done it.” She was talking to herself.
“Smruti? What happened?” I asked.
“Oh Chetan, he cut her out of his will. He cut Tara out. She is to get a very paltry sum.” Smruti looked upset.
“Why is that upsetting you?” I was surprised. I had thought she would be happy that Tara got cut out.
“Don’t you see?” She said, “Now people will think I killed him because of his money. And his stuff that you found at my place? Oh my god!”
“Calm down Smruti. Take a deep breath,” I tried to calm her. “So who walked away with the maximum?”
“Me..” She said sadly. “He left his shares in the factory for Dhruv and put a lot of money aside for Aarti’s education and Krupa’s maintenance. But Tara, he completely cut off. He kept saying he was going to cut down on her share, but he must have changed his mind after that big fight that they had.”
“What big fight?” Nobody had said anything about a fight between Mr. and Mrs. Sinha.
“Well, Rajat wanted a divorce..” I gaped at her.
“And you did not tell us this before because???” I was trying to keep my temper in check.
“I didn’t think it was important.” Smruti said lamely.
“When was this?” I was kicking myself for not thinking about this earlier.
“The day we met for dinner.” I shook my head. Exactly on the day of his murder, Rajat Sinha had fought with his wife and probably told her that he was going to cut her out of his will.
“She didn’t agree for the divorce?”
“No.. You see, Tara is a smart woman. She knew Rajat had a roving eye and she made him agree on a pre-nuptial agreement. She told him he could have the divorce, but she would take every single penny of his.”


  1. 100% this smruti is the murderess.. she flicked the knife from her bf when he was having a shower.

  2. Lol!! S!D.. You've got your relationships wrong :D

  3. Aditi... Last 6 more days to go...

    Try considering my below ideas to end ur story with a Happy ending.

    1) Make Shvetank the murderer.
    2) Make Prerna & Shammi couples.
    3) Let all 3 wives get equal share on Rajat's property :).

    If none of these happens or If you dont give happy ending to this story, then I will kill u & someone else will write WHODUNIT-2.

    Hahahaha. Just kidding.... :)