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Sunday, July 4, 2010

As Good As It Gets - 2 - The College Days

I remember walking inside my class in college, I had joined a couple of days late. I was nervous, but I tried not to show it. I held my head high and walked in, confidence exuding from me. As I glanced around the class to find a suitable place, I made a note of people I thought I could hang out with. Of course, I checked out the guys too.  I crinkled my nose in disappointment. None of them matched my high standards.  I sank in my place and smiled at the girl next to me.

Like people sort out potential boyfriends/girlfriends, I sorted out friends. At first meeting, I could tell whether our wavelengths were going to match or not.
Her name was Suchitra, she seemed shy and hesitant. At the back of my mind I thought, Never gonna work.
She was exceedingly pretty, but she kept her glance down. I quickly lost interest in her, and looked at the girl sitting on the bench in front of ours. Already, she seemed to have made a big circle of friends. Spunky and easy going, she seemed to be charmer. I warmed to her, like every one else. She was Meghna, she introduced with a bright smile. I was ever so glad to find her amidst the group of girls I knew I would never be able to hang out with. Meghna also introduced me to a close friend of her Ann.

Despite all odds the four of us became steadfast friends. We were inseparable. And I didn’t feel the need to know anyone till I saw him. He was different. I didn’t know why, but he just stood out.. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen him earlier in the class. I couldn’t have missed him, could I? No.. Even I wasn’t so self absorbed that I would have missed noticing him. Must be new, I thought.

He seemed immune to the blatant glances of admiration he was getting from all the girls in the class. As a rule, I never chased guys. I never made the first approach, I never made the first phone call, I never let on that I had any interest in the guy.

I would have passed on this guy too, as a passing fancy but for that smile. It hit me like sunshine the day we were in the lab for the first time.
He occupied a place next to mine, which had been vacant ever since we joined college.
“Hey, I’m Aditya. What’s your name?” And then he had smiled. I didn’t know it, but that instant, my life turned. I wasn’t the same after that. Ever.
I recovered from the smile and answered after a pause, “Anagha..” I smiled back at him.
He mock saluted me. I remember thinking that he was the coolest boy in class. I waited for him to ask me for my number, but he didn’t. He probably had scores of girl’s numbers. I pushed his thoughts out of my head.

But every Monday, there he was, next to me, giving me a momentary feeling of joy.

Meghna noticed my infatuation with the lab. “What’s so great about it?” She asked me one day when I was running to make it on time.
“Nothing.” I said, flashing her a smile.
“Oh no missy!” She grabbed my hand, “I know what that smile is for? Who is he???!” We had hardly known each other for a couple of months, but already she could read me like a book.
“Nothing.” I tried to break away from her grip but I couldn’t. “Let me go!” I yelped.
“Hey, what’s going on here?” A tall, lanky guy stood at the door, regarding us with grave eyes.
“Hey Vikram.” Meghna knew the entire college. I smile awkwardly.
“Anagha Vikram, Vikram Anagha.” Meghna introduced us.
“So, what’s going on? I’ve been waiting for you for ten whole minutes.” He accused Meghna. Ten minutes! I had missed ten whole minutes of lab. I squirmed in Meghna’s grip.
“Oh let her go!” Vikram was laughing at my expense. Reluctantly, Meghna let go and I raced to the lab. Out of breath, I looked inside, panting heavily. Aditya’s place was vacant. I dropped my bag, cursing myself under my breath. Of course, he could decide to bunk the lab anytime.
I picked up my bag, I didn’t think I could get through the class without having him around.
“There you are..” I turned around, amazed to find Aditya leaning against a wall. “Thought you weren't going to come today.” He said.
“Why aren’t you inside?” I asked, confused.
He smiled, making me go week in the knees, “What would I do in there without you?” 

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