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Thursday, July 8, 2010

As Good As It Gets - 6 - The First Date

A couple of days had passed since I had given Aditya my number and nothing had come out of it. But that didn’t stop me from checking my phone ever so often.
In college, I could sense his eyes on me, which he would avert as soon as I turned to look at him. He had this knowing smirk on his face, as though he wanted me to know that he had been watching me. But he never asked me out.
Annoyed, I deleted his number.
I felt silly, stupid and childish, hoping for something that was never going to happen.

Vikram and Darshan along with Meghna, Suchitra and Ann took a special interest in my predicament.
“Forget about him! You should meet my friend, he’s been asking about you.” Vikram would start laughing
“He’s a jackass Anagha, you should go out with some one else. That’ll teach him. ”
“You’re better off without him Anagha..”

We used to sit around joking about the whole thing. Deep down, I felt hurt and upset but I tried not to show it.

And then one day, as I was walking towards the library, I felt a tap on my shoulder.
“Hey..” And there he was, smiling at me, as though nothing had happened.
“Hey..” I smiled cordially and kept walking.
“You’re looking pretty today.”
I stared at him in disbelief. When I had looked at myself in the mirror before leaving for college, one word had popped up in my head. Dowdy.
“Really???” I asked him incredulously.
Aditya burst out laughing. “Why do you find that so hard to believe?”
I blushed furiously, “No.. I didn’t.. I mean..” I took a deep breath to relax myself, “I mean, thank you..” I smiled at him.
He reached out and touched my face, “Oh my god, you’re blushing!”
“No! I’m not!” I said, even as I felt the warm flush on my cheeks.
“It’s..” He paused.
“It’s what?” I asked, conscious of his hand on my cheek.
“Nice..” He pulled his hand away as some students walked by. I stared pointedly at my feet, a small smile fixed on my face.
“Free in the evening?” he asked casually.
YES! YES! YES! My heart screamed out. Fortunately, my brain controlled me. “Free for?”
“There’s this great little coffee shop I know and its near your place. Bet you don’t know about it!” My brain reeled.
“How do you know where I stay?”
He smiled mysteriously, “I have my ways. Is that a yes?”
I nodded.
“Pick you up at 5 near that KFC close to your place?”
I nodded again. God!  I must have looked like a fool. Say something intelligent and witty, now! I commanded myself.
“Yes, I’m punctual! Always on time!” Now why had I said that??  I could have kicked myself.
 Aditya laughed softly  “Good, that’s nice to hear. See you then.”
I didn’t open my mouth this time. Just smiled and waved at his as he walked away..
I texted all my friends as soon as he left.
“So, I’m going out with Aditya today :)”
The girl’s replies were predictable,
 Meghna : “Wow! Finally! What you planning to wear?”
Suchitra : “Oooooh! Enjoy! For god’s sake dress up!”
Ann: “Where! He asked? Awesome! Is it a date? What you going to wear?”
The guys, not so much.
Vikram : “You’re a bigger fool than I thought you were.”
Darshan: “Ummm.. I really don’t think you should.”

Obviously I went. I dressed up and went. I went a couple of minutes late. It’s okay if you make the guy wait for a couple of minutes, I thought to myself.
There was no sign of him. I waited. I thought of calling him, but remembered I had deleted his number.

Half an hour later, with tears brimming in my eyes, I realized, that I had been stood up.


  1. Stood up!! :( nooooooooooooo nooooo. :(

  2. Sorry if I missed something, but where did she go? Wasn't he supposed to pick her up?
    Btw, like I said before, nice work! :)

  3. :P needless to say i missed adding that.. Let me correct it.. :)