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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All Roads Lead Home - 17

“Now do you believe me?” I asked Prachi, “She knows something. Why did she clamp down like that?!” I shook my head. I was pretty sure the mother-in-law had answers to all my questions.
“First of all, I have always believed you.” Prachi said stiffly. I turned towards her, surprised.
She stood her ground. “I have come,” She said, “all the way here, just because, I believe. I believe that you need to do this, I believe that you will find them, I believe you, when you say you HAVE to do this. SO don’t go accusing me of not believing you!” She glared at me.
“I didn’t mean it that way.” I said meekly. I didn’t realize that what had been a big decision for me, must have been a bigger one for her. I had left everything to come find myself. Prachi had left everything behind, just for me. A warm glow enveloped me. Before she could say anymore, I put my arms around her. She struggled a bit, but came around pretty soon.
“Don’t say such things again.” She said a little gruffly. Then she smiled, “Sorry, just lost my cool there.”
I nodded. It had happened to me a couple of minutes back too. This whole thing was way too stressful for both of us.
“What say, we go back to the room and try to find out more about Mili and Arjun?” I said, with my arm still around her.
“Yeah.. Not a bad idea. With a name and a picture, we might have a better chance.” She said casually.
“You didn’t!” I squealed. Sometimes, Prachi surprised me.
“No, I didn’t take the photo!” Prachi shook her head, “What did you think, they’d let me walk out with it?” She asked.
“What I did do,” She continued smugly,“is to take a picture of the picture.”
“That’s great!” I said excitedly, when a thought struck me, “So..” I paused, “What are we going to do with it?”
“I have noooooo idea..” She said, exaggerating the “no”. With that, we both burst out laughing. The tension between us from just a moment ago, long forgotten.
“So..” Prachi sighed long and deep and we made our way back to the hotel room. Somehow, the excitement of finding my house had made us walk a LOT. Suddenly, we were faced with the colossal of walking back.
“What are the chances that your dog loving friend will come by this way today?” Prachi asked after walking for about fifteen minutes.
“Not very good.” I panted. I was kind of disappointed. Not like I was hoping for him to show up. But, it would have been nice if he had. I had felt as though I had a found a friend in him and I would have definitely liked to meet Lyka.
“Lets go see him..” I tossed the idea at Prachi.
“Your dog friend? Why?” She stopped, with both hands on her waist, breathing heavily.
“Just, maybe we can show him her picture.” I didn’t know why I wanted to meet him. I just did.
“How old was he again?” Prachi asked suspiciously.
I laughed. “As old as dad! Maybe older.”
“Okay..” Prachi relented, “If we make it back to the hotel alive, and we have the energy, we’ll go see your old man.” She said.

As we struggled to make our way back to the hotel, I couldn’t help but wonder, what it was, that was drawing me to him.

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