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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Reunion - 10 - Adventures in School

7th October 2000
Well, everything seems to have settled down. Aakruti has gone home. Not like we’ve become best of friends or anything but I don’t hate her anymore. Anjali was a little skeptical about my new found friendship with Aakruti, but she understands something has changed. I mean in school I hang out with Anjali, Sagarika and Nikita and Aakruti hangs out with Vishaka, but it’s all cool. I mean underneath all that over achieving and all, she’s a pretty normal person.

And since we are talking about normal people, let me tell you about one annoying ABNORMAL person. Yes, you guessed right! My project partner! He has already started preparing for it, again without bothering to inform or consult me. So, today, incredibly pissed off, I told the teacher, that I cannot work with this guy and maybe Nikita would be interested in exchanging project partners with me. Somehow, my ploy didn’t work and the teacher called Priyank and admonished him, right there in front of me, for not involving me in any decisions. God! I must have looked like such a tattle-tale!
He turned this unusual shade of red and apologized again. As soon as we were out of the teacher’s sight, I apologized to him for ratting out on him. I didn’t expect the teacher to call him! So basically, we both were apologizing to each other when we realized what was going on and started laughing. For the first time since this whole project thing has started, I felt that maybe, maybe we could work together. And then disaster struck.

A basketball came flying from nowhere and SMACK! It hit me straight on the face! It left me totally dazed. I was more embarrassed than hurt! Priyank could barely control his laughter. And to make matters worse, my eye became three times its original size! And turned red! I must have looked like an alien.

The school called my parents and sent me home early. So, I’m sitting at home with a big fat ice pack on my face! I hope the swelling subsides by tomorrow.

8th October 2000
Yay! My eye is almost back to normal! I say almost, because a slight swelling is still there. Unfortunately, it’s not big enough to earn me a day off. But it was a good day all in all. I was pampered by everyone! Priyank finished the first write-up of our project all by himself. For me too! I just have to write my name on it and submit it. Maybe having him for a project partner isn’t such a bad idea. He sat with me the whole day in the lab. He can be really funny when he wants to. Ooooh, I almost forgot, I introduced Priyank to Nikita today. We had meticulously planned it out so that he thinks it’s just a coincidence that Nikita walked into the lab just as we were finishing our report.

I think I did a pretty good job, don’t think he suspected a thing. I mean before leaving he didn’t even look at her. That means he likes her right? Why else would he not acknowledge her presence?

In the evening, Nikita and I spent hours analyzing Priyank’s behavior. Finally, when I had had enough, I told her my mum was calling me and hung up. Immediately after I hung up, Priyank called. We started talking about our project but soon drifted off the topic. Maybe he wanted to ask me for Nikita’s phone number? I don’t know. After two hours of having an utterly pointless conversation, I hung up. I don’t know, it felt nice for some reason.

I almost forgot, mum and dad are going out of town for a couple of days. Yay! Paaaaaaaaaaaarrrrddddy!

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