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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Reunion - 12 - The Movie & Then Some..

11th October 2000
Whatever happened that night, will remain between the four of us, Anjali, Aakruti, Aryan and me. Aakruti’s mom sneaked over at night and the three of them disappeared into the night. I went to stay over at Anjali’s because dad didn’t think it was safe for me to stay alone with that crazy man around.
I don’t know if  Aakruti will be coming to this school. From what I could tell, they just wanted to vanish, not too hard to understand why.  
You know, its weird, but I think I’m going to miss her A LOT. I hardly knew her and all but I was just getting used to having her around. I hope she keeps in touch. Do you think Aryan will keep in touch? I guess not, that phone number was obviously for Aakruti. How could I be so silly!
Nothing else to write. Puppy’s been messing up Anjali’s house good. I can see her mum is at wits end, chasing him around. I better go help before she throws him out.

12th October 2000
As I thought, Aakruti’s not a student in my school anymore. I happened to glance at the attendance register and her name’s been scratched out. If I thought I was unhappy about Aakruti leaving, you should see Vishaka. She’s been moping around like a lost puppy. I tried to be nice to her, asked her to come sit next to me. After all, anyone who was a friend of Aakruti’s was a friend of mine, but surprise surprise, she wanted to sit next to people who enjoy making fun of her and humiliating her. Why you ask me? I don’t know, maybe she seeks acceptance from them. At least I tried.
Anjali and I have become quite close after last night. I mean, not that we hang out together all the time and all, but there’s just that something, which tells me that we’ll probably be friends for a long long time to come.
Even though I’m very distracted with all that’s happening around me, I have to start studying. For some reason, Anjali, Sagarika and I had decided to get together after school and study. I knew how that’s going to turn out. Anyway, it was worth a shot.
We ended up doing nothing! We had a great time, puppy had a great time chewing on our shoe laces, clawing our notebooks. When it was time for Sagarika to leave, she panicked, suddenly realizing that we hadn’t done anything. Anjali almost fell down laughing looking at Sagarika’s face but I didn’t laugh. There was something in her eyes, which made me realize that maybe this was no joking matter to her.
Of course, as soon as she left, I joined Anjali in the mayhem. But that look, it just totally creeped me out. I guess she’ll be okay once the exams are over.
On another note, I didn’t see Nikita today, neither did I see my project partner. Hmmm.. you think I should call him? I mean, after all, he is my partner. If he falls sick, my scores can also get affected. Ok, what the hell, I’ll call him. Brb.

So, I just spoke to him. And he told me a secret, which I am not supposed to tell anyone, but I have already told Anjali, so I might as well tell you. He and Nikita bunked school and went for a movie! I know o was supposed to set them up and stuff, but can’t they do all these things after our project is done? I don’ like it  when he takes the day off and I’m sitting in lab and doing all the work. Wait.. Let me rephrase that.
I don’t like it! Period!

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