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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Reunion - 8 - The Science Project

3rd October 2000
Okay, so it turns out, that Aryan has run away from home!! Aakruti was so upset, I had to ask her what was wrong. His family isn’t looking for him either, isn’t that weird?
For a moment, I was tempted to tell them that Aryan had given me a phone number before he left. After all, he hadn’t said anything about not telling anyone. But I decided not to. Why had he given me that number? I’m sure it wasn’t because he wanted to catch up with me. I mean, would he run away if he wanted to?
Anyway, Aakruti was almost on the verge of tears throughout the day and kept to herself. Nobody seemed much bothered with Aakruti today though. I mean, after the few questions, “What happened? Why are you upset?” everyone switched to the other HOT story of the day. Nikita’s call to Priyank!
Everyone except Vishaka. She sat close to Aakruti, without saying a word. I don’t know whether Vishaka was being nice or she was just glad that someone was okay to sit next to her.
Turns out, she didn’t even talk to him, just harassed him with prank calls. Finally, his father had come on line and screamed at the unknown caller. Here’s hoping they do not have caller id, for Nikita’s sake. For the rest of us, it’ll be pure entertainment if they do.
Should I tell my parents about Aryan and the phone number? They’ll know what to do right? On second thoughts, maybe they’ll think we’re dating or something. After all, why would he give ME the number? He hardly knew me! Forget it, he’ll come back once he runs out of money.
My puppy is so darn adorable! She already recognizes me and is at the garage door when I come home, whining very loudly. I’m sure mum knows about puppy but as long as she doesn’t bring it up, I’ll keep my mouth shut. Okay, got to go, someone’s at the door.

It was Aakruti! For some reason, her mum got her over. And she’s staying over. She’s sitting on the far side of the bed, with her head in her lap. Now that no one’s around, she’s crying silently. I tried to talk to her, but she didn’t react. So I have left her alone. When I went over and tried to move her hands off her face, she winced at my touch. That was demeaning!
What’s more, I offered her my shorts and t-shirt. For some reason, she was wearing this bulky night suit, she must be dying in it in this heat. But she refused. If she can’t stand me or my things, why the heck is she staying over?
I called Anjali, I didn’t tell her about Aakruti’s brother and her crying, but I did tell her about the wincing and the funny night suit. Anjali too couldn’t understand why Aakruti would agree to stay over if she hated me so much. Probably her mum forced her to?

4th October 2000
Today, Aakruti was wearing a pullover to school!!! It’s so hot!! She told the teacher she had fever, but I knew she didn’t have fever. I gave her a suspicious look, but she just kept her eyes on her books. Slowly, everyone’s fascination with Aakruti is ending. I mean, she’s no longer fun. Besides, she is not even a nice person. Vishaka is her constant companion. They look so odd together, Aakruti, gorgeous, smart, funny when she wanted to be and Vishaka, the person no one wanted to be seen with. For some reason, Aakruti has taken to Vishaka. She even defends her when someone makes fun of her. Maybe she’s not all bad. After all, I wouldn’t go all out for someone like Vishaka.
On another note, we have to do some science projects for our assignments and the teachers want the sections to mix and do a project in pairs of twos. Guess who my partner is? Priyank!!! Thank god the teacher’s are picking out partners for everyone. Otherwise Nikita would have killed me! Nikita seems to look at it as an opportunity though.. Her master plan is to get me to introduce them.
Lets see, I need a good partner for this project. If he’s not smart enough, I’m going to ask for a change. Tomorrow, whole day, we have to sit in the laboratory and figure out what kind of project we want to do. So, should I go talk to him? Or wait for him to talk to me? 

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