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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bus#126W - Chapter 10

I rubbed my eyes vigorously. It was morning already. I had slept off on the floor, waiting for the phone to ring. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t called.
Maybe I should have called back, but that was just so not normal. Arpit always called back. Always.
And yesterday? Yesterday I had told him something which should have made him call me back whether   he wanted to or not.
I dressed slowly, I would be meeting Arpit only in class. I hoped it wouldn’t be awkward. The restlessness stayed with me on my way to school.  I could barely sit still. I had to find out what was happening.
On the brighter side, all the nervous energy helped me in the practice sessions. The sports teacher was beaming from ear to ear.
“Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!” he patted me on the back after the session got over.

“Wow, you were great today!” Pooja was sitting next to me, sipping some water.
I smiled back at her, all that running had calmed my frayed nerves. “Thanks!”
“Say” She inched in a little closer, “Is it true your friend Arpit is dating Sneha Gill?”
I froze, “What?”
“I knew it couldn’t be true,” She said. As I looked away, she gasped, “Oh my god! It’s true!”
I nodded gently. What else could I say?
Involuntarily, I smiled. Arpit. I turned towards him, he had Sneha in tow. Luckily, he had the sense to leave her with her group of friends before he came up to me.
As I watched him walk towards me, I thought about Arpit and I. The nauseating wave came over me again. I most definitely did not have anything for him. Even the thought was making me sick!!
The closer he came, the more confident I was of my analysis.  
“Hey.” He said.
We stood there awkwardly, facing each other in silence.
“Hey,” I started, “Sorry about last night.”
Relief flooded his face. “Oh thank god Naina! What happened to you?!” He put his hands on my shoulders and leaned towards me as thought a heavy weight had been lifted off his shoulders.
I had to laugh, “Look at you! So relieved!”
“What did you expect! I got so scared, I didn’t even call you back!” He was trying to suppress his laughter too now. He sobered up quickly, “What happened but? Suddenly?” He questioned.
I sighed, “You know how it is. I get weird sometimes.”
His grip around my shoulders tightened, “Naina, what was it? You can tell me.”

“Relax Arpit, if it makes you feel better, just thinking about it was making me sick!” I said jokingly.
“Wait a minute, you find me that repulsive?” He wasn’t laughing anymore.

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