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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bus#126W - Chapter 12

“What was that about?” I questioned Arpit as I caught up with him.
“What?” Arpit asked, genuinely surprised.
“Why did you blow her off like that?” I couldn’t believe the smartest guy I knew could be so stupid.
“Blow who off? I just said we’re going to class. I said something wrong?” Utter horror was written all over his face.
I couldn’t help it. I threw my head back and laughed loudly.
“You’re so dumb!” I managed to say through my giggles.
“Naina, what’d I do wrong. I just said we have classes.” The sincerity with which Arpit was explaining to me prompted me to laugh even louder.
“Okay, okay! Look, you don’t walk away from your lady love without saying a decent enough goodbye. EVER! Especially not when she’s seen you holding hands with another girl.” I explained seriously.
“Oh crapoli! Seriously?” he stopped walking, thinking about what a blunder he had made. After a moment, he asked “Which girl?”
“Me dufus!” I reminded him.
“You?!” he looked at me incredulously. “You don’t count!”
“You know that,” I said, pointing at him. “And I know that” I pointed at myself, “But she doesn’t.” I pointed to Sneha, who was talking to a bunch her friends.
“You’re not saying that she thinks you and I are..” he franctically moved his hands around.
I nodded.

With that, he was off, racing towards Sneha. A couple of minutes later Sneha glanced my way and smiled.
I watched her for a moment. It was an honest smile. Arpit had told her.
I acknowledged her smile. One girl to another, we both conversed silently
I raised my eyebrows and indicated towards Arpit. Boys! They are so stupid.
She smiled slightly. Yes I know.
I pursed my lips together and shrugged slightly. I’m sorry by the way.
She acknowledged my apology with a slight tilt of her head and a blinding smile.
I walked back to the class, satisfied that all was okay between Arpit and Sneha.
There was just one thing bothering me. I still didn’t like Arpit being with Sneha.

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