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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bus#126W - Chapter 14

“Who is this Naina?” Arpit had appeared by my side, a diabolical grin on his face. “let me guess, you’re the guy she met on the bus.”
Dhruv smiled, “She told you about me.”
The way he said it, felt like it meant something.
“I just told him how I made you give up your seat.” I said quickly. A little too quickly perhaps.
“I’m Arpit.” Arpit put out his hand.
“I know, Dhruv.” Dhruv said taking the outstretched hand.
“So..” Arpit said. Awkward silence descended upon us.
“Why don’t you guys carry on. I’ll see you later Naina?” Dhruv said while backing away.
I nodded dumbly.
“What did he mean by later?” Arpit whispered as soon as we were out of hearing range.
“Noooooooooooo idea.” I said, exaggerating the “no”.

I was introduced to all of Sneha’s friends. At any other point of time, I would have been overwhelmed hanging out with these people but today, I was just so aware of the fact that Dhruv was there and that maybe, just maybe he might be observing me.
I tried to sneak a glance or two but Arpit’s disapproving gaze stopped me. “He’ll get the wrong idea if you keep trying to catch his eye.” He said.
Wrong idea? i wasn’t sure what “idea” I was trying to give to Dhruv. All I knew was, even as I was sitting next to my best friend with a whole group of his new friends the only place I was deriving comfort was from Dhruv’s presence.
I kept an eye on his table, lest he disappeared without saying goodbye.
“So, Naina.. How come we’ve never met before.” One of Sneha’s friends was talking to me.
Maybe because you’ve got your head in the sky!
“It’s a big school. Lots of students.” I commented intelligently. “Uh, excuse me.. I’ve to go..” I stood up as I saw Dhruv and his friends go out.
Maybe he wasn’t even going home. Isn’t that what college students did? Hang out till late?
I hid behind the door watching them say their goodbyes and then walked over to Dhruv.
“You’re leaving too?” I said casually.
“Yeah, I have a couple of things to do unlike the others.” He hadn’t seemed a bit surprised to see me standing next to me alone, without all my friends. Mine, Sneha’s whatever.
“Oh, like what?” I was disappointed. He wasn’t going home. I couldn’t think of any way to persuade him to take me along without creeping him out.
“Right now,” he said softly, “It looks like I’ll be dropping you home.”