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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bus#126W - Chapter 24

Arpit nodded benevolently at both of us. I rolled my eyes and glanced at Sneha. She had the same irritated look on her face which was mirrored on mine.
I caught her eyes and shrugged my shoulders.
She murmured under her breath, “Seriously, can you believe this?”
I shook my head. The bell rang and Sneha glared at Arpit and walked off.

“What happened!” Arpit called out after her, utterly surprised how two people who were clamoring for his approval had suddenly turned against him.
I threw my head back and laughed loudly. “Come on, she’ll be okay.” I said, pushing Arpit into the classroom.
“What just happened? Everything was just peachy one moment ago and then both of you are glaring at me. What did I do?” Arpit said, talking more to himself than to me.
I laid a sympathetic hand on his shoulder, “Won’t you tell me?” he asked woefully.
“Nope!” I replied almost immediately.
“At least show me that letter!” He said putting out his hand.
I stared at him, my face creasing into a smile. “I knew you won’t forget!” in a jiffy, I whipped out the envelope and handed it to him, “Careful!” I reminded him as he took it from my hand.
He read through it, a wry expression on his face. “This is why you called me in the middle of the night?”
I nodded excitedly. “Uh huh. What do you think?”
“It’s pretty lame.” He said folding it and put it back.
Furious, I snatched it back from him. “Just because you’re not that thoughtful!”
“Hey Naina!” He grabbed my wrist as I was putting it away, “I hope you remember it’s not meant for you.”
“What has that got to with anything?” I said carefully tucking the envelope inside a book.
“You’re being unreasonably sentimental about it.” He commented and turned away.

I looked at the letter and then back at him. Okay, I was sentimental about it. The poetry wasn’t great, but something had touched me. Maybe it was the honesty and bravery with which a wavering hand written it that had struck a chord in me. Or maybe it was just the mystery surrounding it that had made it so special.
All I knew for sure was it had been important to Dhruv. Maybe it was still important. Maybe the other person in the letter was still important.

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