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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bus#126W - Chapter 8

Dhruv, I repeated softly.
“So why are you walking me home?” I found it funny, using that word.. Walking. He was going to “limp” me home.
“What are you laughing for?” He had noticed me snickering about my little joke.
“Nothing. Answer my question.” I was walking a little slower than usual. I didn’t want him to get conscious by trying to keep up with me.
“It’s late!” He threw up his hands exasperated.
“It’s only eight thirty!” I still didn’t buy his story. Who did that nowadays? Walking a girl home? Nobody I knew, that’s for sure.
He smiled a little, “Why do you find it so strange?”
I stopped walking and turned towards him,“Because I hardly know you. Why would you want to walk me home? Go through all that trouble, especially with your leg! I’m sure walking isn’t something you enjoy.”
 “You got that right,” He said indicating towards his leg. “But I’m built that way okay? Just humor me.”
I shrugged. He was walking a respectable distance away, far enough not to be intimate and close enough so that everyone knew we were together. And he obviously knew his way around this area. All in all, I decided it wasn’t a bad idea having him along.  
“So are you a student at St. Peters?” I asked suddenly.
“You certainly change tracks quickly,” He pointed towards a road, “That way. I’m in my second year.”
“Hmmm. You know, that college, my friend and I, we day dream about it all the time. How did you get in?” I asked wistfully.
“Let’s just say I had good scores.” He said modestly, “And is this the same friend you were talking about?”
“Yeah,” I bit my lip, feeling slightly awkward. “Listen, he’s my best friend. I’m allowed to bitch about him a little. I didn’t mean what I said back then.”
He touched my arm gently, “Doesn’t matter. Who am I going to tell anyway right?”
“Yeah, but still,” I rubbed my neck a little. It was a habit I had, whenever I felt a little uncomfortable, I started to fidget. “Arpit’s a great guy, I shouldn’t have said all that. I’m just wondering what her take on all this is. I don’t know if she’s being genuine with him or not.”
“Well I think,” he paused to look at me, “I mean, in my opinion,”
“What! Say it already!” I asked impatiently.
“I really think it’s between them.” He had cringed his face a little, most probably expecting me to over react.
I knew he was right, “I know, but I can’t help it.” I said helplessly.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Dhruv said suddenly.
“Huh?” I looked at him puzzled.
“You just looked so sad back there, I thought I had touched some raw nerve.” He was looking at me intensely.
I stared back at him, I was sad. What did it mean? And then, an awful thought struck me. Almost made me sick.
Suddenly, I wasn’t sure whether I had feelings for Arpit. 

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