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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My family and I - Chapter 16

Sona kind of erupted into a violent stream of abuses, most of them directed at me. How I had ruined her life and such other stuff. Her wrath soon turned towards my mum, but that didn’t last too long. One glance at my mom’s disapproving face and her angry charge changed into a desperate plea.
“You can’t be serious!”  She said throwing my stuff out.
“Hey!” I protested mildly. I could see this was going to blow up sky high, and I didn’t want to be in the line of fire. I made my voice heard and started picking up my things quietly.
“Ma! Come on! Anything but this!” Sona protested, hurling my clothes at me.
My mum watched in amusement as I scampered around grabbing my clothes.          
“The more you protest, the longer the punishment lasts.” My mum said, effectively stopping Sona in her tracks.
I could see Sona mentally compute the pros and cons of sustaining the fight.
“For how long?” Sona asked suspiciously, temporarily suspending her chucking activities.
My mum shrugged, “A month, two maybe. I haven’t really decided. But, it’s going to last till both of you start behaving like sisters.”
“What!?” I exclaimed despite myself. “That’s never going to happen!” I could see my future college life go down the drain. No sleepovers, no late night phone conversations, no late night texting! And I think I could safely cross out sneaking out at nights.
“Well, then you’re going to share a room forever.” My mum said simply.
“This isn’t fair! Dad!!!!” My sister stormed into my parent’s room.  I shook my head, that road was going to lead nowhere.
And I was right. Five minutes later, Sona walked out, shoulders slumped. “I hate you!” She screamed at me as she walked into what was now going to be our room and slammed the door shut.
“I hate you too!!” I yelled back.
I saw my mum cross her arms and shake her head negatively. Most probably our little stunt here had just convinced my mum that the punishment that she had doled out for us was justified.
To salvage a rapidly crumbling situation I screamed out, “But you’re still my sister so I love you!” I turned around and but on my best fake smile.
My mum smiled back, “Not enough sweetie,” She said ruffling my hair, “Not nearly enough.”

I sighed deeply and picked up my meager belongings which had been unceremoniously dumped outside. I gulped, opened the door and walked inside.
I had just entered the lion’s den.

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