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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My family and I - Chapter 7

I followed Sona meekly, not daring to look at Samrat’s face. After we had walked some distance, Sona pushed me into her friend’s car.
“You too..” I heard her say roughly to Neeta.
As she got into the car, she said to me, “YOU don’t know what I’m going to do to you!”
I gulped a little, thanking my lucky stars Neeta was there. Her presence would ensure that whatever Sona planned to do, it wouldn’t be too severe. Unfortunately for me, Sona seemed to have thought of that.
Till we reached Neeta’s house, Sona didn’t utter a word. Poor Neeta who wasn’t used to seeing my sister’s evil side, was practically having anxiety attacks. The relief on her face as we  dropped her off was all too apparent.
Her friend dropped us off right in front of our house.
“Listen to me, I want you to stay away from Samrat okay?” Sona threatened as we stepped inside.
For a second I wondered what was going on between the two of them but I had more sense than to ask. I was still anticipating what she was going to do to me!
I rubbed my hands together. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t really scared of what Sona could do to me physically. I mean, we were way past the age when we used to try and hit each other. When we were younger and Sona was taller and bigger, she used it to her full advantage and many a times I would go running to my mum for protection.
Of course, she grew tired of it pretty quickly.
“Once one of you kills the other one, the survivor will have to do all the chores.” She had said calmly, effectively putting an end to all our physical fights which is quite sad because now that I’m all grown up, I think I could take Sona, easily.
Anyway, I think Sona also realised that a physical fight would no longer be favorable for her. So she had moved on to other tactics. Sometimes, she would wait till mum and I had a fight and then she would strike. Nodding in agreement with my mum, she would make my mum feel that she had a rebellious child in me and an angel in my sister.
“Oh yeah? Or else what?” I said bravely, once mom was in view. Sona wouldn’t dare do anything in front of mom, now would she?
Sona smiled smugly, “I didn’t want to do this.” She whispered as she walked towards mum.
I ran after her. I didn’t trust her one bit!

My mum smiled as she saw her two daughters running towards her. Maybe she thought it was an indication of our affection, but the truth quickly sank in when both of us started shouting at the same time.
“She’s lying!” I screamed without having any idea what my sister was saying.
“Stop it! Both of you! Whats going on here?” My mum said wearily.
“She’s ruining my social life.” I complained, pointing at Sona. Sona just laughed a little and walked away.
“Social life? What social life?” My mum asked suspiciously glancing at Sona.
I passed a triumphant look to Sona and started describing to mum how I had met Samrat and how he had so heroically saved Neeta and I from the evil seniors.
“I don’t understand!” My mum started, looking slightly confused. “Why are you spending so much time with seniors?” She glanced at me.
“What? No! that’s not the point!” I exclaimed desperately trying to turn the conversation around.
My mum sighed deeply and placed a hand on my shoulder, “I know, you’re enjoying the attention right now. But these kids they’re much older than you.. And you don’t know them and all your sister is trying to do is protect you.” She turned towards my sister lovingly.
I rolled my eyes. Sona was practically glowing, as though she had a halo on her head.
“Ma!” I tried to interrupt.
“No, I’m happy.” My mum declared. “That she is looking out for you! Isn’t that wonderful? Pinku?” My mum towards me. “I want you to listen to your sister okay? Come on,” she cajoled, “Sona just wants you to be safe from all the jokers in college.”
“Yes!” Sona smiled at me, laughter gleaming in her eyes, “That’s all I want Pinku! To help you!”
My mum smiled benevolently at her, practically beaming. “Now that we’ve sorted that out, how was your first day? Many boys in your class?”
My shoulders slumped and I caught my sister’s eye. I nodded slowly, I will stay away from Samrat.
My sister ruffled my hair a little roughly and pranced back to her room gloating over her victory.

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