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Friday, April 30, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 11 - The End

I was at the store picking out some stuff, when I heard some police cars go by. Nothing rarely ever happens in my neighborhood, so everyone rushed outside to see what had happened. All I could gather from what people were talking was that a dog was involved.
Oh dear. Warning bells went off in my head. Could it be my dog? I had safely locked him in. Oh my god, maybe he’s injured or something. Worry gnawed at me and I practically ran back home.
The house was locked and everything was quiet. I heaved a silent sigh of relief and opened the door.
My jaw dropped. EVERYTHING! And I mean EVERYTHING was in a mess.
“Brownie!” I screamed! Enough was enough. That dog had to be taught that this is just not done. I looked around, there was no sign of Brownie. I entered my room and gasped. All my stuff was all over the floor and the window was broken. What had my crazy dog been doing!!
I was livid with anger.
Brownie?!!” I looked under the bed, in the bathroom everywhere.

Brownie was nowhere to be found. I waited for a while and still there was no sign of Brownie. Then, I began to get worried. Where had he gone? Had he run away? Did he think was going to be too mad at him?
 I know I was too strict with him. He was always to careless! Always breaking things. But he just couldn’t help it, sometimes he just had to act nutty. Without him, the house seemed empty.
Gosh, I had never realized how alone I really was. I had to find him. He had to be ok right? I mean why would anyone want to harm Brownie!! Brownie wouldn’t hurt a fly!
I picked up my flashlight and stepped outside. I heard a police car closing in. And then I heard him.. Where was he? I couldn’t see him. Then suddenly, Brownie’s head popped out of the police car.

He jumped out of the window and came running towards me. I was so mad!! And so relieved that he was ok!! “Bad dog! Bad dog Brownie!! Running away from home!! You should be ashamed!” I pet him to let him know it was ok, and I still loved him.
After that, it was time to face the cops.

“What did he do?” I asked them, expecting the worst.
“That’s a very brave dog you have there”
“What?” what in the world was he talking about?
“Yeah, he chased the robber and cornered him in an alley and barked as loudly as possible to let us know where he was.”
“Ummmm.. I’m sorry I don’t understand.” I really didn’t know what he was talking about.
“There was a robbery.” On seeing my confused face, he continued.. “in your house?”
Oh! So that was it, it wasn’t Brownie! It was the robber. Wait a minute, my house was robbed??
“Did he steal anything?” In my anger, I had failed to notice whether anything was missing.
“Oh yes, but I think we managed to get everything back, thanks to your dog.”
And then he recounted how Brownie had saved the day.

The cops left after a while, promising to come the next morning, to finish off some paper work, so that I could get my stuff back. The crowd had thinned too. All of Brownie’s admirer’s had followed him back to his house and they started leaving only after the cops left.

I walked towards Brownie, I knew he deserved a special treat. All these years I doubted his ferocity but when the time came, he showed his true colors. I sat down next to him and started scratching his neck. Suddenly, he realized I wasn’t mad at him and his tail started to wag to and fro as rapidly as possible.

“ You crazy dog.. ” I muttered softly..
We sat there under the moonlight for a long time, dog and mistress. Finally when I fell asleep on the porch, Brownie licked my hand and woke me up. We went inside. I tried not to look at the mess inside.
I thought I wouldn’t have been able to sleep in that room. I slipped into the bed and I could hear some chewing sound. It was possible that Brownie was chewing my favorite footwear, but it didn’t matter.. Because tonight, with Brownie around, I felt safe.

I’m pretty sure something is wrong with Lilo. I am sitting next to her bed, chewing her slippers and all she does is put out her hand and touch me as though to make sure I’m there and then goes back to sleep. I don’t care really. Because no matter how strange she behaves or how mad she gets, with Lilo around, I feel loved. 

------------------------------- The End ------------------------


  1. Interesting narration and even brownie's small talk at de end, thts cute.. :)

  2. I loved it, hope u start the next one soon :)