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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 10 - The HERO

It was so much quieter now that the girls had gone. I stifled a yawn and settled down in my favorite place, right next to kitchen door. Do I really have to explain why this is my favorite place?
Lilo was going to the stores to pick up some supplies. We used to go together earlier, but I’m not allowed to go in there anymore. It wasn’t my fault really! They got some new kind of dog food there some time back and Lilo just wouldn’t buy the pack for me. So I picked it up with my teeth and tried to drag it off the shelf. Of course, I dragged a whole lot of other things along with it and since that day, Lilo doesn’t take me to any supermarkets.
I thought of taking a nap and I had almost dozed off when a heard a soft scraping noise. I got up, Lilo was gone, so who could it be. It seemed to be coming from the bedroom window. I walked softly to the bedroom. Somebody was trying to get in through the window. Why didn’t he just use the door? Were we playing hide and seek? Maybe Lilo was hiding in her usual hiding place and this guy, her friend was looking for her. I had never seen him before though and he smelt pretty bad. Hmmm.. Nevertheless, Lilo’s friends are my friends and I decided to play along.
Her friend was creeping around and looking through her stuff. I tiptoed behind him and barked.
The reaction was incredible! The man screamed for some five ten minutes and then started running towards the window. He stumbled a lot and the room was in a mess before he reached the window.  
I ran to the man barking loudly, “play with me” is what I wanted to tell him. I don’t think he understood. He kept running away.. Finally , he smashed Lilo’s window and jumped out.
“Hey come back!!” I looked around the room. Lilo was going to kill me. I took a quick decision. Lilo’s friend ought to face Lilo after the mess he had made in her room. I jumped out the window and ran behind the man.
The closer I got, the louder the man started to scream. Finally he ran into a corner and stopped, dropped all the stuff he had borrowed from Lilo’s house and started telling me to go away.
Not without you buddy! I barked at him, trying to make him understand that he needed to clean up Lilo’s room.
Suddenly I heard footsteps. Four-five people were running towards us.
“There! There’s the robber!” One man shouted and pointed at Lilo’s friend.
“And there’s the dog!” he was pointing at me now.
“Good dog!” he bent down and scratched my neck. Aaaaah.. that felt so good.
The cops were there too. They arrested the man and then looked at my collar. “They covered quite a bit of distance, didn’t they?” The cops were talking amongst themselves now. “Lets get him home.. The owner must be worried stiff.”
Yesss!! I was going to travel in a police car!!
We vroomed off and reached home in a while. Lilo was outside frantically pacing up and down.
She saw me and her face lit up and then turned dark.
“Brownie! Bad dog! Running from home!” She sure was mad. Then she saw the cops. And her expression changed.
“What did he do now?” she asked them.
I crept to the door and stood outside waiting for Lilo with my head down. I had been far too lucky the past two days. It was time for a punishment.
“My hero!” Lilo exclaimed. Was she referring to me???

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