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Friday, April 23, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 4 - James


“OH MY GOD!!” Today was turning out to be the best day ever!!I mean of all the people James Kutch was calling me!! Ok ok... so you don’t know who James Kutch is... He’s like the most... Ok... he’s not the best looking guy I know. Nor is he the smartest. But there is just something about him that makes me... Oh I don’t know... Maybe I can call it crush... a little crush... yeah that sounds reasonable.
Anyway, so... James called me at 7:00 AM!! I mean who does that? Maybe it means he’s been thinking about me since the last time we met (which was yesterday at work) and since today is a weekend and he had to hear my voice and he couldn’t wait any longer, he called me at 7. Plausible right? It could happen!
Oh... so you don’t believe me? Well... the reason he called me was because he wants my “help” with some work related stuff. Oh come on! It’s obvious; he’s asking me out on a date! And the reason he wants to meet in office is so that I don’t think there’s too much there... Ha ha! Men are so naïve. They don’t know that we already know what they are planning.
I held on to Brownie when all these thoughts were running through my head. Brownie’s coat felt wet. I looked down; there was some maroon color goop on him which looked a lot like jam. What could it possibly be? Now, I looked around my kitchen. And then I saw it. The jam bottle which was on the counter when I last saw it, was smashed on the kitchen floor. I knew who the culprit was, but I was too happy to be mad.
I had to give him a bath though. Gosh! James wanted to meet at ten and I hadn’t even decided what to wear and on top of that I had to give Brownie a bath and clean the kitchen.
Giving Brownie a bath is no joke. Brownie HATES having a bath. I have to literally lock him in the bath room and throw water at him hoping it will hit him. It’s like playing dodge ball, only with water instead of a ball. So, it was obvious I was never going to finish in time. I grabbed Brownie by the collar and looked him dead in the eye and said in my harshest voice “Now you are going to have a bath quietly, and I am going to forget about the Jam episode. Capisce?” To my surprise, Brownie relented and trotted towards the bathroom. I think it’s high time he understood, it’s either my way or the high-way.
I think I should try this voice more often. Brownie stood through out the bath like a rock; I was done in no time. Now it was time to groom myself.
So... what should I wear? I wanted to look great, but also as though I hadn’t tried to look great. Hmmm... tricky tricky.. Didn’t want to wear office clothes obviously... too formal... couldn’t wear a summer dress... too casual; I’m meeting a colleague after all. After much dilemma I settled on a pair of jeans and a tee. Selecting the tee too was complicated, shouldn’t be too tight (Don’t want to seem too desperate), shouldn’t be too loose (Don’t want to seem too disinterested.)
Makeup took a little more time than deciding what to wear, but that was because I wanted to go with a no make up look. Now really, if he holds my hand and looked deep into my eyes I don’t want him to find mascara goop there!
Finally, I was ready with ten minutes to spare.

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