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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 5 - Home Alone

Hmmm... Something was not right here. There was Jam ON me AND all over the kitchen and Lilo is holding on to me as though I’ve accomplished some great task. Okay, she spotted the jam on me now. Oh man, I hope she doesn’t get too mad. I hate it when Lilo and I fight.
“Now you are going to have a bath quietly, and I am going to forget about the Jam episode. Capisce?
Oh no! A bath???? Have mercy!
I could try and hide but something about the tone of her voice struck me as different. I didn’t want to make this Lilo mad. I obeyed. A dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to do.
Lilo seemed to be in a big hurry, she didn’t even blow dry my coat! As soon as I was out of the bathroom, she ran into her room and started pulling out outfit after outfit.
I followed her into the room. She was standing in front of the mirror holding a dress in front of her. I guess she was asking the other lady who stays with her dog in the mirror whether she should wear it or not. You should see that lady, she looks exactly like Lilo. Sometimes I think its Lilo’s twin sister who somehow got trapped inside a mirror. The dog, even though he has a brown patch around is eye looks a little lost if you ask me. I had tried being friends with him. After all, we stayed in the same house. But every time, he just pretends like he’s barking. I mean I can see his mouth moving but I can’t hear any barking except mine. I mean seriously, grow up! Now I just look away every time I see him.
Anyway, Lilo had finally decided on something and started putting some make up on her face. Once she tried to put it on me too! My goodness! I’m sure I looked positively hideous. Not that Lilo looks hideous. For a human, I think she looks pretty nice.
Lilo kept running in and out of the room. I got tired of following her around, so I perched myself on this sofa in the living room from where I could see what was going on in most of the rooms.
Usually Lilo would have come and shooed me off the couch but today, I think something really important had come. She didn’t even give me a second glance. Last time I had seen her run around like this; her mother had come over to stay. OH!! Her mother is coming to stay! No wonder she wants me to be clean and gave me a bath. That would also explain why she wants to look nice. That would mean, any moment now, Lilo would start cleaning the house.
Hey... wait a minute, Lilo just ran out. Where is she going without me! We always go together to pick up her mother.
I raced to the front door and started whining. Maybe Lilo just forgot that I was still in the house. Yeah, that was it. She’ll come back when she hears me. I barked loudly. I looked through the window. I could see Lilo reversing the car. Surely she heard me? Ah... there, she was coming back.
With a sudden jerk, Lilo opened the door. I jumped on her, my tail wagging to and fro. I knew you would come back for me Lilo.
“No Brownie, down sweetie, I’ll be late for lunch, so I’ll just fill your water bowl and food bowl. Don’t gulp it down ok?” She bent down and planted a kiss on my nose. She filled my water bowl and food bowl and left.
I pressed my nose to the window and whined away, convinced that Lilo had made a mistake. Why was she going without me?

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