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Monday, June 21, 2010

Whodunit - Chapter 18 - The Reports

I quickly hung up.
“It’s Krupa’s residence.” I told Shammi.
“Oh! Wow, this just keeps getting better and better.” Shammi said with a grim smile.
I nodded. I put the phone records aside and opened the detective’s report.

If Mrs. Sinha had hired the detective in order to get a divorce, she had nothing. I browsed through various pictures of Smruti and Rajat Sinha. All could raise a doubt about their relationship, but Rajat Sinha could claim their friendship was simply platonic. According to the report, nobody had ever seen Rajat Sinha near Smruti’s apartment. But Smruti had told us that Rajat Sinha had a key to her apartment.
The discrepancies were glaring. Either the detective had not done a good job or the report which Mrs. Sinha had seen had been edited. How Mrs. Sinha knew that Rajat was fooling around with Smruti was a mystery to me.
Woman’s intuition maybe.

Some other pictures showed Rajat Sinha with a young girl. His daughter, maybe. There was no picture of the son.
“What do you think about this whole mess?” Shammi asked, breaking the silence in the room.
“I don’t know Shammi.  I can’t even tell if it’s a planned murder or a crime of passion.”
“Yeah. None of it makes sense. You think money has something to do with it?”
“Possible. Tomorrow we’ll meet up with Rajat Sinha’s lawyers. Maybe things will be clearer then. ” I had my hopes pined on the will. Rajat’s recent will change could be a reason why he was murdered.
“What bothers me is, if the killer was dumping everything on Smruti.. Why not leave the keys? Why take Rajat’s keys?” Shammi asked suddenly.
I pondered thoughtfully. “You think he left something there? Something that might identify him? Maybe he just forgot?” The possibilities were endless. Regardless, I called the team we had left behind at Smruti’s place and asked them to stay vigil.

Tomorrow we would visit also Krupa Mitwe and her kids. I was very interested in knowing about their whereabouts on Thursday night. That night I stayed up. Statistics say that if a homicide is not solved within 48 hours, the chances of it ever getting solved reduce by 80%.

We had already had a delay of two week.

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  1. Ur first attempt on writting Crime story is really amazing. Good story line. Good twists. :)

    Good work :)