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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Whodunit - Chapter 19 - Prerna's findings

I don’t know when I fell asleep. I woke up with a start and checked my watch. It was going to be a long day.
Over breakfast I opened the newspaper, to find Rajat Sinha’s face smiling at me. The newspaper was full of his achievements. Luckily, the newspaper guys hadn’t gotten hold of any details yet. But it wouldn’t be too long, I was sure of that. There was also a small column dedicated to the scene that had taken place at the morgue yesterday. Smruti’s face had been plastered on the front page as she had walked away from the morgue, angry that she had been denied access to Rajat. Mrs. Sinha had struck a tragic pose, exactly as one would expect a new widow to be. Krupe Krupa Mitwe made a small appearance, nothing too significant.

Shammi and I made our way downhill again. This was turning out to be a regular affair. Prerna’s office was our first stop.
Prerna was just stepping out. She smiled tiredly at us.
“Did you go home last night?” Shammi asked her.
“I promised you I’ll have the results for you.” She smiled. “Come on in, I’ll give you a brief overview.”
Before Shammi could protest and send Prerna home I walked in. I had already spent one night with the reports. Totally wasn’t in the mood to read any more.

“Ok.. So lets start with Smruti’s apartment.” She said once we were inside her office. “The blood on the phone, is indeed Rajat’s. No doubts there. The blood on the t-shirt is also Rajat’s. But..” She paused for effect. “This was not what the murderer was wearing while he or she stabbed Rajat Sinha.”
“Then?” I hadn’t believed Smruti was the murderer anyway.
“The blood splatter a stab would make is utterly different from what we found on the t-shirt. I mean, not much blood would come on the murderer and even if does, it would be in the form of droplets which splash on impact with the murderer’s body. But the stains we have on this the t-shirt, I could bet my month’s salary that the t-shirt was thrown on Rajat Sinha’s body so that it absorbs some of his blood.”
“So it’s a set up?” Someone had planned this so meticulously, but missed out on details like this.
“100%..” Prerna moved on to the other item which her team had found, the wallet.
“There’s no cash in it,” She said. “But the credit cards are here, not sure if all of them are, you have to check that, but there’s no currency note. A man like Rajat Sinha, would, at any time have some cash on him, don’t you think? Also.. I found some hair on the wallet..”

My heart beat quickened, “That’s great!”
“Not so fast.. Its animal hair.. Maybe our killer had a pet?” She suggested.
“Anyway,” she continued, “The car.. I spoke to Mrs. Sinha, and I over stepped my authority a little. I asked her a couple of questions.”
She gave me a quick glance. I shrugged, as long as she was helping with the investigation, I didn’t have a problem with it.
“She said the car was Rajat’s, but since her car had gone for servicing and Rajat’s car was available, she has been using his car. Rajat’s car keys aren’t there. Maybe in the same key ring as Smruti’s house keys? She moved some stuff out of the boot when she started using the car. I took everything and got it with me. It contained a gym bag. With some woman’s clothing. I asked Mrs. Sinha, she didn’t know anything about it. I am still working on that, but I think it’s Smruti’s stuff. Maybe the t-shirt came from there. And ya.. I analyzed the soil sample you got me. Its from the same area. But I guess you already knew that.”

She yawned suddenly..
“That’s all I have for you people right now.” She said apologetically.
“This is great stuff Prerna.” I was genuinely impressed by her skills. She blushed a little.

I sent Shammi to drop Prerna home. I myself, got ready to tackle the lawyers.

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  1. Give a double episode kinda thing. :)
    2 chapters in one go ;)