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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My family and I - Chapter 11

I didn’t hesitate for too long, a month was a pretty decent offer. I nodded, grabbed her clothes and rushed into my room, leaving Sona with the shoe.
After a while someone knocked on my door. I froze, if mum saw me dressed in Sona’s clothes, she would immediately guess that I was, indeed going out.
“Who is it?” I asked, squirming out of party clothes.
“Me dufus!” Sona voice reached me.
What did she want now?
I opened the door slowly and peered through the gap between the door and the wall.
“What are you wearing?” she asked pushing the door open and walking in.
“The blue top and dark jeans.” I pointed at the selected piece of clothing.
“Do you..” she cleared her throat, “Do you want shoes to go with that?”
I stared at her in amazement, what had gotten into her???
“Well! I don’t have whole day you know!” She said impatiently.
“Yeah, sure!” I said excitedly. She turned around and disappeared for a couple of minutes. When she came back, she had all her shoes in tow. She tossed a pair at me, “Try it!”
I made a face at her, I wanted something more.. you know.. “Sona..” I said tossing the shoe back, “I want something that says, ‘Effortlessly hot!’ get it?”
Sona threw her head back and laughed, “Yes! I have plenty of things which fall exactly in that category.”
I kind of liked this new Sona. As she handed me one pair after another, I smiled benevolently at her. I could get used to this!
“So..” Sona tried to start a conversation, “Who are we dressing up for huh?”
“Not anyone in particular. I just want to look nice you know..” I said, without suspecting the ulterior motives behind the question.
“Not even Samrat?” she asked casually dropping his name in the conversation.
“Chee no! He’s old!” I said, brushing my hair one last time. “So! How do I look?”
I did a dramatic little swirl for her. She observed me critically, “You need some last touches, wait here.”
She disappeared once again and reappeared with her vanity case.
“No no! Sona!” I knew then what Sona intended to do. Make up! I didn’t want to look like her! No offense, Sona is really pretty and stuff but I really didn’t get her whole gothic look.
“Trust me.” She said softly as she started brushing some nice smelling stuff on my face.
After twenty minutes she stood back and admired her handiwork, “Okay, you can take a look now..”

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