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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My family and I - Chapter 12

I faced the mirror slowly, dreading the artwork that Sona would have painted on my face. I glanced at myself. I didn’t look quite like me. And even though Sona hadn’t done anything garish, I still felt it was a little over the top.
I made a face at Sona, “Its too much!” I exclaimed.
“Oh what do you know? Trust me..” She repeated.
I kept staring at the mirror, making faces. Suddenly Sona grabbed a cotton ball and threw it towards me, “Fine! Take it all off and see if I care!”
I stared at her as she stormed out of my room to her room, slamming all the doors in her way. I wondered what I had done wrong. It wasn’t as though she would feel bad about what I said, would she?
Didn’t matter right now. I had more important things to think about.
There were a couple of people who were on chauffeuring duty today. They had offered to pick us up, something like a carpool. I sneaked out of my house and walked briskly towards the gate of the colony. It was 9 o clock and people had already stared thinning on the road.
I waited impatiently and in a couple of moments, Neeta joined me. Maybe I was a bad influence on her, the goody two shoes, but hey! At least she would have something to remember her college days by with, right?
“Oooooooo!” Neeta exclaimed, “Smoky eyes! Nice!”
“Really?” I asked, genuinely surprised.
“Oh yeah! Looks great!”She said, probably expecting me to compliment her as well.. But there was no point in complimenting someone who knew she looked incredible, was there?
For the longest time, no one came to pick us up. We were close to panic when some familiar folks in a loud car stopped next to us. The party had just begun!

I wish I could say I had a good time, but the fresher’s party turned out to be more of a seniors party. Hardly a bunch of us had shown up and all of sat cowering in the corner as loud seniors greeted each other, scarcely bothered with our presence.
“Let’s go back home?” I asked Neeta.
She nodded miserably. She had probably expected to be crowned some “Miss fresher” or something so I guess she was more disappointed than I was.  We made our way outside, wondering how we were to make our way back when Samrat appeared.
He was just making his entrance.

And surprise of surprises!
Holding on to his arm and looking very much like her non-gothic self was my sister!

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