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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My family and I - Chapter 21

The sad thing about rumors in college was that you had no idea where it originated and how fast it was spreading. I had assumed, a little nobody like me wouldn’t generate much buzz but I was surprised by the number of heads turning as I walked around the campus.
Of course, I had found it incredibly funny at first. Who could be stupid enough to believe something liked that?
Neeta turned out to be one of them. Her face was flushed with excitement as she came and sat next to me, “You bitch!” she exclaimed, punching me lightly.
“Ouch!” I said, rubbing the affected region with exaggeration, “What was that for?!”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked indignantly.
I stared at her, confused. “Tell you what?”
“About Samrat!?!” Neeta threw up her hands, exasperated.
“Oh, what’s the big deal? He just wanted to know how to woo Sona.” I scoffed a little as I remembered his earnest expression.
“Huh? What are you talking about?” Neeta lowered her arms and glanced at me suspiciously, “Aren’t you and Samrat together?”
“What?! What rubbish is that!” I rolled my eyes exasperated, “Really Neeta, why would say that?”
“Ummm, because everybody is talking about it??” She explained.
“Everybody is not stupid like you!” I shook my head. Neeta would believe anything.
She laughed at my reaction, “Oh you na├»ve little thing.” She commented as I picked up my bag and followed her. It was then I saw the heads turning. Consciously I touched my face and hair, was something out of place?
“Now do believe me?” Neeta laughed as she saw my shell shocked expression.
“Do you think Sona believes it too??” I asked Neeta incredulously. Surely, Sona would know it was all some horrible misunderstanding.
Neeta raised a brow thoughtfully. “For your sake, I hope she doesn’t.”
I shut my eyes tightly. What a mess!

Back at home, Sona had reached before me and was sitting at the table with a novel in her arms. I stood a safe distance away from her, wondering whether I should bring up the topic. I cleared my throat trying to attract her attention. She glanced at me with a bored expression on her face and then looked back at her book.
 “Sona?” I asked hesitantly.
“What?” She asked flipping a page.
“Did you hear something today?” I asked casually as I sat down on the chair next to her.
She moved the book a couple inches lower and stared at me with a bemused expression on her face. “What about?”
“Oh nothing!” I said a little too quickly. If she hadn’t heard about it, I didn’t think it would be smart on my part to bring it up. I got up and started walking towards my, oops, our room when Sona stopped me.
“You mean about Samrat?” There was a little twinkle in her eyes and I knew instantly she wasn’t mad at me.
“You’re not mad?” I asked, relief apparent on my face.
 She ruffled my hair fondly, something she hadn’t done in ages. “You’re my little sister, I have to accept you’ll do stupid thing and forgive you.”
I laughed and for a brief moment, contemplated giving her a hug. We weren’t regular sisters who were close to each other, hugging was something we didn’t do very often. Finally, I gave up and put an awkward arm around her. For the longest time, I thought she had frozen still and then I felt her body relax and her hand around my shoulder.

“Oh! My! God!” my mum, who had just walked in, exclaimed. Sona and I separated pretty quickly. My mum however was all touched by the sisterly bonding she had just witnessed. “I should have thought about the room thing years earlier.”

I smirked a little. Sona and I knew it had nothing to do with the room. Maybe we had just grown up a little?

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