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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My family and I - Chapter 22

I stood outside the room, pacing impatiently as Sona got dressed. This was the thing, no matter whether we respected each other’s fashion sense, we always always needed the other person’s approval.
“So? How do I look?” Sona stepped out of the room and did a little twirl for me. I considered her carefully, “The shoes don’t go?” I suggested.
She glanced at her feet, “Really? Of course they do! You don’t know anything!” She said going back into the room. I shrugged indifferently and settled down on couch, my feet curled under me.
She came out after a little while, with her hair and make up done. She had changed her shoes. I tried to hide the smile on my face as she appeared.
“Not a word.” She threatened but the twinkle in her eye told me she wasn’t serious.
“So, I have one doubt.” I interjected as Sona admired herself in the mirror.
She looked at me with a questioning look and then turned towards the mirror. I took it as my cue, “What are you going to tell ma?” I asked the question which had been plaguing me.
She smiled at me, “The truth of course.”
“Which is?!?!?”
“That Samrat asked me out..” She said casually, as though it was no big deal.
I stared at her blankly, “So you hate him indiscriminately for the longest time ever and then suddenly you are dating?”
She laughed, “Oh well, can’t argue with that.” She smiled at my confused expression, “Don’t worry your little head with such things.”
Before I could argue about the size of my brain and such, dad walked in. He eyed Sona carefully, “Going somewhere?”
I heard Sona breathe in deeply as she turned around to face my dad.
“Ma! Samrat and I are going out!” She declared passionately.
My dad, I must hand it to him, appeared very calm, “Out where?”
“What?” A little confusion was apparent on Sona’s face.
“Where are you going?” my dad asked slowly.
It dawned on me, that maybe dad wasn’t familiar with the lingo “going out.” I tried to butt in, but Sona admonished me with a strict glance.
“Dad, Samrat and I are going out “going out”. Get it?” Sona asked, stressing on the last two words.
“Dad, they’re kind of dating.” I interrupted.
“Oh. Why?” My dad had turned towards my sister.
“Why?” Sona asked visibly confused. “Because we like each other..” Sona said, in an oh-isn’t-it-obvious tone.
My dad made a pained face, “No, I get that, I mean why now? You’re so young! Does your mother know you’re going out with boys?”
Sona burst into peals of laughter, “You’re so cute daddy!”
My dad raised one eyebrow to indicate he wasn’t amused. My mum walked out of the room, “What’s all the commotion?” She asked.
“Did you know your daughter is “going out”?” Dad asked mum, stressing on the going out bit.
“Of course, you look very nice Sona.” She said, brushing a stray strand off Sona’s face which Sona had so deliberately styled.
“No no, she’s not going out. She’s going out get it?” He explained to my mum.
My mum gave my dad the evil eye, “I KNOW!”
“You know?!!?! And you’re letting her? But she’s so young!” My dad stuttered a little.
I watched the whole scene in amazement. I would have thought that mum would blow a gasket and dad would be calming her down. But there she was, my mum patted my dad’s affectionately saying, “She’s 20, an adult. I think she can take care of herself.”
I couldn’t resist, “I’m 17, I can take care of myself too!!”
Odd, I didn’t get the positive reaction I was hoping. In fact, I think I ended up freaking my mum out. “Why? Is there someone?” My asked, forcing a smile on her face but I could tell she was really hoping otherwise.
“Not yet, but you never know. Why does she get to go and I don’t!” I argued.
“You’re younger! 3 more years!” My mum answered. It was her fixed answer for all such queries of mine.
“But you should move with the times!” I said, thinking I was making a very good point.
“What?” Sona had stopped dressing, hair brush in the air and all, “No, not fair! She should wait till she’s twenty too! It’s not fair! She always gets everything that I have to wait for!”
I glared at Sona. “This isn’t about you! Stay out of it!”
“Stop it! Both of you!” My mum physically intervened. “Pinku, we’ll see about you when you have a boy in your life. Sona, get going, I want you home before 11. Okay?”

The doorbell rang, one glance at Sona’s face told me Samrat had arrived.

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