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New to my Blog??

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My family and I - Chapter 23

I reached the door and swung it open slowly. Samrat was there, right on time. I gave him a thumbs up sign for his punctuality and for his dressing sense. He was wearing a sober shirt with trousers and some neat looking shoes. He absolutely looked like the kind of guy who parents want to see their daughters with.
He smiled at me nervously. “So? Is she ready?”
I offered him a sympathetic smile, “So is my family.”  I invited him in and laughed as he hesitantly stepped inside.
My mum was all smiles when she saw him, why wouldn’t she. He looked great, he spoke well, seemed well mannered, not to mention well off.
My dad on the other hand, scowled at him. My mum nudged him a little and finally my dad relented. 
He put out his hand formally, “Samrat?”
The visual change in Samrat’s posture was actually quite comical. He sucked in his stomach, straightened his shoulders and wiped his hands against his trousers before shaking hands with my father, “Yes sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you sir.”
Well, clearly he was nervous.
My dad shook his hand and gave him a long hard look as though trying to scare him away. My mum interrupted them, “Hello Samrat, it’s very nice to finally meet you.” She smiled at him warmly, instantly putting him at ease.
“Is Sonam ready?” Despite my mum’s warm smile, it was obvious that Samrat was ready to leave.
“I’m ready, I’m ready!”  Sona came out running, almost tripping in her heels. In that moment, I thought Sona looked just incredible. Her cheeks were stained pink, her eyes bright and luminous, her smile so genuine and heartfelt.
She grabbed Samrat’s hand and raced out of the house before my dad could quiz them further.
“11!! I want you home by 11!!” My dad called out behind them. “And Sona?”
She stopped by the door and glanced at him, wide eyed. “Yes dad?”
He sighed reluctantly, “Have a good time.”
Sona rushed to my dad and gave him a little peck on his cheek and then ran towards the door.

We stood around the room till the door slammed shut. I looked around the room, my mum seemed happy, she was singing this little tune as she made her way into the kitchen. My dad stood there, a sad little expression on his face.
“What’s wrong daddy?” I asked, putting on my cutesy voice which was only reserved for my dad.
He ruffled my hair gently and smiled a little, “Don’t you be in a hurry to grow up!”


  1. Now that its end of the month. Don't give abrupt endings :)


  2. Awesome!
    I have become a fan of your writing.