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New to my Blog??

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 9 - THE phone call

This could not be happening to me!!
Trisha’s phone was ringing and it was James! There was only one way to end this. Accept it. I’ll just make up some story if he asks why I called. Oh dear God. What had I said in my drunken stupor.
I gathered my wits and answered the phone.
“Hello…” I said tentatively.
“Hi..” James voice was clear and loud.. “Who is this?”
Who is this?? That means whatever happened last night, he didn’t recognize my voice! I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.
“Ummm.. Shouldn’t you be telling me who you are? Since like, you know, you’ve called me??” This was turning out to be better than I expected.
“No, actually, I’m returning a call I got at night yesterday. I couldn’t answer it because.. Well because I was sleeping.. So, I was just wondering who was  trying to reach me so late at night.”
It was time to have some fun!
“Oh.. About that.. Ummm..” I could see the girls closing in to hear what I was about to say. I continued. “I was calling on behalf of the WRA World’s Refrigerator Association and.. I wanted to know if your refrigerator was running.”
The girls were looking at me as though I had lost it. I could almost imagine the expression on James face.
“I’m sorry. What?” James asked.
“Could you please check?”
“Yeah! My refrigerator is running.” Came back the exasperated reply.
“Well what are you waiting for, go and catch it!!” With that, I hung up and the four of us spent the next five minutes laughing loudly. We were kind of hoping that James would call back and we would clear it out. But he never did. Secretly, I was glad he didn’t.
I mean, how was I supposed to explain my behavior? Anyhow, it was already afternoon and the girls started to pick up their things and leave. This is why I love them so much, because they turn my life around.
I think Brownie too was sad to see them go. He had his tail between his legs when they left and he went to a corner and sat quietly for a long time.
The wild party had come to an end.

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