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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 6 - The Heart Break

I can’t believe what a fool I was. Believing, even for a moment, that James was into me or something. He ACTUALLY wanted to work! He must have thought I was an idiot! Or worse! He must have thought I like him or something. I kept hinting at how nice it was outside and how we should not be at work and be hanging out somewhere else.. Ohhhhh GOD.. So not only did I make a fool out of myself, I also worked on my WEEKEND and it wasn’t even my work!!
That James, he will have to pay for that!
There was only one thing left to do, I pulled over and called my best friend. Great! Her number was busy. I deliberated for a moment, on whether I should call my other best friends but then decided to head back home. All I needed to feel better was Brownie. I sent a text message to all three of my best friends saying “Bad day, James didn’t ask me out or anything. Made me work over the weekend. Hate that guy.” Its important to keep friends informed about updates in your life.
Just the thought of how excited Brownie gets when he sees me, makes me smile.. I stopped by a pet store to pick up some dog food and as gift for making me feel so special, I picked up his favorite toy. It’s a little rubber ball with some bells inside it. Brownie can amuse himself for hours with it. He can’t figure out where the sound is coming from. He keeps rolling it around and looking at it from all angles. Finally, when he’s had enough he starts chewing the ball till the bells come out.
It started raining when I came out of the store. Could this day be any worse?? I hate driving in the rain.
Finally, after what seemed like ages, I reached home. I could hear Brownie barking.
I was heartbroken, tired and wet. I opened the front door and Brownie dashed out of the door, jumped all around me as though he hadn’t seen me for years. His enthusiasm was contagious and I could not help but laugh as I watched him run towards the front lawn and then back towards me, indicating he wanted to play.
Well, I had a surprise for him! I took out the ball and put it in my palm and held it high where Brownie could see him. Brownie went delirious with happiness. I too ran out in the rain and together we played in the rain and the slush after a really really long time.
After an hour, we trooped back home, I was still wet, but happier and rejuvenated. There is something therapeutic about playing with a dog. You forget all about your tiredness and worries. Behind me, a sobered Brownie trotted inside. I guess he could make out that I needed this fun time. How lucky was I?
I rubbed the mud off Brownie and then slipped into a shower. *Sigh* things were looking better. I guess I should end the day by watching a nice movie. Yeah, that sounds good, I could make some pop corn.
*Ding Dong*
I wonder who it could be, it was easily around 9:30 p.m. James? Could be it? I chided myself for being so silly and quickly pulled on some clothes. Of course I glanced in the mirror to make sure I was looking presentable, just in case it was James.
I opened the door and a big smile cracked my face. On my doorstep were three of my best friends with a bottle of tequila and some take-away Chinese food.
Woo hoo! This night was just getting started. :)

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