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Monday, April 26, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 7 - Night Stay

I hadn’t seen Lilo this happy in a long time and she was in such an awful mood when she came back. I’m glad our little game cheered her up. She toweled me dry and slipped into a shower.
I went around my usual round around the house, checking all my stuff was in its place (my water dish, bed, food dish) I heard a car pulling in. I rushed to the window and peeped out. Boy oh boy! Lilo was going to be super excited! Her three best friends Jodi, Trisha and Anna were getting off the car. I ran to the door and started barking wildly. I hadn’t seen them for ages.
Lilo came out of the shower with water still dripping off her and opened the door. All the four girls started talking and screaming simultaneously. I wasn’t to be left behind. I joined in, barking at the top of my voice. I was really excited and kept jumping at the three of them. Finally, Lilo had to hold me to let them in.
Out of all three of them, Anna was my favorite. She loved to fuss over me and always got me a little something to nibble at. I was not disappointed. She bent down and tossed one doggie treat in the air. I jumped high and caught it neatly. I could see I had impressed the ladies with my skills. Told you I was popular with the fairer sex.
The girls were still talking pretty loudly and commenting on how much the other one had changed in the looooong time that they hadn’t seen each other. (They see each other once in two weeks at the maximum.) Anyway, I left the girls to themselves and went exploring. I could sense that one of the girls had got something to eat, but it was a very different smell from what I usually eat. I nosed around and found that the source of the weird smell was the dining table.
Hmmm, this could be a problem. The dining table is a little high for ne to jump on. Maybe if I pull out a chair and then jump on the chair first and then jump on the table. Yeah... that could work. I got under the table, selected a chair, put my paws on it and started to push it. I slipped a number of times and finally I managed. As quick as the wind, I jumped on the table and nosed through the first parcel. Chicken!!! My favorite. Within minutes, it was over. The next parcel contained something I had never seen. It looked like long worms. I bent down to smell it. I shoved my nose deep inside the box .It got stuck to my nose. I shook my head to remove it, the box fell down but the worms didn’t move. I got scared. What if, what if this is something dogs aren’t supposed to eat? What if these worms are dangerous to dogs...? With a yelp, I ran to find Lilo.
Lilo was with her friends. They were sitting on the floor drinking from the bottle Trisha had got. As soon as they saw me, they burst out laughing. I realized that whatever it was, it wasn’t dangerous in anyway. The only danger I could see was if the girls choked over their own laugh.
Lilo cleaned me up for the third time that day, admonished me for eating their food and then gave a big kiss on the nose.
After a while, the girls became quiet and spoke in softer voices. I could tell that they were discussing something serious. From what I could tell, it looked like the girls were going to stay over. I went around the house, checking whether everything was ok. I was the man of the house and it was my job to keep these girls safe. Once satisfied, I came back and settled down in the middle of the girls in such a way, that all four could pet me. Occasionally, I put my head on someone’s lap and stayed there till they stopped talking. It helps them in some way. They all give me a kiss before I leave their lap for someone else’s.
It’s a good thing to be loved by four beautiful women.

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