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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A dog's world - Chapter 8 - After Effects

 I woke up the next morning, with a terrible terrible hangover. But as last night’s memories came flooding back to my mind, a smile crept on to my face. I distinctly remember there was some dancing and some prank call making. I turned over, and saw the other two sleeping in haphazard positions. Couldn’t see Anna though.. I slipped out of the blanket and tip toed out of the bedroom. There is nothing worse than being woken rudely after a night of drinking.
“Brownie!” I whispered. No response. “Brownie?” I was a little louder this time.
Where was this dog of mine. It was too late for his morning jobs, so I’m sure a lot of cleaning work was awaiting me today. Hmmm.. I walked carefully from room to room looking for Brownie and his.. ummm.. you know whats..
It didn’t take me much time. My house wasn’t that big anyway.
Where could he be? Come to think of it, I hadn’t seen Anna too. Maybe she took him out for a walk. But the leash was right in its place. And then it struck me. OH NO! She had taken him without it!! I pulled on my boots as quickly as possibly, praying both of them were ok. I yanked the door open and what do I see? Anna and Brownie walking like the perfect pet and owner side by side at a normal place. Wow, Anna could manage my dog better than I could.
“You’ve got to give me some pointers” I told Anna when she was within hearing range.
“Pointers?” A visibly confused Anna asked.
“Yeah, how did you manage to subdue my wild one!”
“Brownie was an angel.”
Angel???? My Brownie?? I mean I love him and all, but this was too much for me to digest. Anna continued to rave about my dog’s impeccable manners. I was finding it hard to believe that she was talking about my dog!
Brownie followed her in. I looked at him suspiciously. He looked the same to me. He greeted me with a lick on my face and ran inside with his muddy paws leaving print marks all over my floor. Yep, this was MY dog. I had no idea who Anna was talking about.
By the time I finished cleaning up and feeding Brownie. All the girls were up. They had a hot pot of coffee brewing. This was bliss. I filled my cup and joined the girls. We were trying to remember the details of last night.
Ha ha ha ha! Jodi had danced to Shakira! Trisha had joined in.. And I had made an anonymous call to James! Ha ha.. huh?? God, did I do that? I picked up my cell phone and checked the last dialed numbers. Nope, I hadn’t.
“Hey, guess what! You called James at midnight to abuse him.”  
I turned to Jodi. “No I did not. I just thought I did. See! No last dialed calls.” I showed her my cell phone.
“That’s because you used my phone..” Trisha showed me her phone and there it was. James’s number. At the top of the list.
I was doomed.

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